Wg24 Stump Grinder
Wg24 Stump Grinder
Wg24 Stump Grinder
Wg24 Stump Grinder

Wg24 Stump Grinder

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The Woodland Mills WG24 PTO powered stump grinder connects directly to your
tractors 3 point hitch system and is equipped with a large 24' (61cm) diameter
solid steel grinding flywheel and 34 tungsten carbide cutting teeth to make the
removal of tree stumps a breeze! These extremely rugged stump grinders are
engineered to deliver optimal performance when paired with tractors containing
15-45HP at the PTO and will easily grind up to 6' (15cm) below the ground to
remove roots and prepare the ground for grading or grass.


The WG24 stump grinder is designed to work on tractors with a PTO shaft. The
stump grinder works best on tractors featuring PTO shafts that are independent
of the tractors transmission drive system. This allows the operator to control
the speed of the tractor independently and separately to the PTO speed. Since
the tractor pulls the grinder through the stump, the rate at which the tractor
moves is important and should be independent of the PTO shaft. Operating the
WG24 stump grinder at 540 RPM is required.