Tractor Pto Stump Grinder
Tractor Pto Stump Grinder
Tractor Pto Stump Grinder
Tractor Pto Stump Grinder
Tractor Pto Stump Grinder
Tractor Pto Stump Grinder
Tractor Pto Stump Grinder

Tractor Pto Stump Grinder

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This PTO driven tractor stump grinder by Paddock makes short work of tree stumps. Use the power of your tractor's diesel engine to quickly and easily grind away stumps, clearing the way for more beneficial land use. Using your tractor's rear hydraulic connections, the grinder can be pivoted from side to side and the 3-point linkage raises and lowers the grinder to achieve a professional finish.


Paddock Machinery - Tractor Implements - PTO stump grinder


Professional Series Tractor PTO Stump Grinder

  • Ideally suited to Cat I/II tractors 30-50hp
  • Heavy duty 600mm rotor makes short work of large stumps
  • Over engineered gearbox ensures reliable performance for hard Australian timber
  • Hydraulic pivot allows grinder to sweep across the stump in a controlled manner
  • Grinds stumps 200mm below ground with ease
  • 1yr warranty
3-Point Linkage Stump Grinder

This is a top of the line Tractor PTO stump grinder that outperforms all others. The Paddock Tractor Stump Grinder connects to your tractor's 3-point linkage and utilises the power take off to drive a heavy duty grinding disc. The grinder's massive heavy duty gearbox increases the 540rpm PTO speed so the grinding disc is spinning at 950rpm. Carbide steel cutting teeth cut and chip away hard Australian stumps with ease.

The implement requires connection to the tractor's rear hydraulics and this allows the grinder to be pivoted from side to side. Stumps are most effectively ground in a sweeping layer by layer fashion. The swing on the grinder is ~300mm each side of the centre line meaning stumps up to 600mm can be removed without repositioning the tractor. Having the hydraulic swing feature makes a massive improvement in efficiency over older models that required operators to drive the tractor forwards and backwards to achieve a sweeping action. This is a premium stump grinder designed for Australian conditions and hard Australian timber.

How to use the Stump Grinder

The most important aspect to stump grinding is safety and ensuring there are no bystanders. Full review and understanding of the included user manual is advised before beginning operation.

Use your tractor's top 3-point linkage to raise the grinder disk vertically as high as possible. Typically this will give about 450mm of ground clearance.

Position with tractor with the stump grinder central in the stump.  The grinder's steel base frame should be level on the ground. Ensure the PTO speed is at 540rpm before slowly lowering the grinder and starting the sweeping motion.

Grinding is best achieved in a layer by layer sweeping motion. The hydraulic swing function of the grinder makes this layered approach simple. It's possible to take up to 150mm of material per pass but this does vary depending on conditions and for hard Australian timbers 50mm per pass often results in smoother performance. Taking passes is fast and efficient thanks to the hydraulic swing motion.

By continuing to lower the stump grinder on the tractor 3-point linkage, stumps are able to be ground to ~200mm below the surface. Once complete, soil can be raked over to give a level finish.

Stump Grinder Construction

This implement is built strong with the task it's designed for in mind. Great forces and loads are transferred through the stump so it's important every component is over-engineered.

Paddock use a massive heavy duty gearbox to transfer the tractor's PTO shaft power into the grinding wheel. Using a top quality over-engineered gearbox means there's no risk of failures letting you down on the job.

The grinding teeth are manufactured from a carbide steel material which is extremely wear resistant. The hardness is much greater then timber which means the teeth last. The teeth are bolt on and replaceable and available to order in the future as needed. Even when contacting the ground, the stump grinder teeth are hardly affected which is ideal for grinding to below grade.

Having the power of the tractor's diesel engine means these grinders perform to a commercial stump grinder level and are able to tackle the hardest and largest stumps you can find.

Stump Grinder Specifications
Brand Paddock Machinery
Three Point Linkage Cat. I/II
Suits Tractors
30 - 50 HP
Rotor Size


Bolt on Carbide Steel

PTO Speed
540 rpm
Rotor Speed
950 rpm
Cutting Height
~450mm above ground
Cutting Depth
~200mm below ground
Max. Layer Cut
150mm (per pass)
Max. Horizontal Cut
Swing Arc. 40°

Hydraulic hoses

PTO shaft

Requires Tractor with rear hydraulic connections for swing function
Weight ~280 kg
Warranty 12 Months

Note: The gearboxes are stored and transported with only enough oil to keep the unit lubricated and additional oil will need to be added before using. For ease of shipping some assembly will be required.


This item can be shipped Australia wide and is also available for pick up from our Brisbane warehouse. This item has a shipping weight of ~300kg. We advise contacting us for a freight quote to your location. If a forklift is not available at your location we will need to book a tail lift truck for delivery.