Dr Leaf And Lawn Vacuum
Dr Leaf And Lawn Vacuum
Dr Leaf And Lawn Vacuum
Dr Leaf And Lawn Vacuum

Dr Leaf And Lawn Vacuum

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PILOT 200 Model Product Summary

  • 200 Gallon capacity (27 cu. ft.)
  • Single Point Hitch
  • Optional jack stand available
  • DR OHV Engine; 6.6 HP (9.59 ft-lbs gross torque*)
  • Manual-Starting
  • Weight: 230 lbs

Warranty Coverage

  • Machine: 2 years residential; 90 days commercial
  • Engine: 2 years residential; 1 year commercial

Get More Done with Accessories

The Optional Vac Hose provides 20 feet of extra reach to clean up areas you can€™t drive over. Use it to vacuum out flower beds, window wells, hedges, or any other remote areas. Our Mulch Discharger lets you expel collected material and place it right where you want it€”in a compost pile or into the woods

PILOT 200 Model

The PILOT 200 model gives you all the amazing suction power you'll find on our larger models with a simplified collector and unloading mechanism. The underlying frame can also be used as a flatbed trailer (rather than the cart-style trailer found on the other models).

The 200-gallon collector can be fully unloaded in two easy steps: 1) simply unbuckle the closures on the back, and 2) release the lock lever from the front and tilt the entire collector to the rear. The steep dump angle ensures that the load empties completely.

With the collector removed, you can use the PILOT 200 as a flatbed trailer to haul all sorts of loads around your property. It's perfect for stackable and tie-down items.

All DR Leaf Vacs reduce leaves and yard waste

Collect, Shred and Dump!

Using the DR Leaf and Lawn Vacuum drastically reduces the volume of leaves and other materials it collects. It starts with your mower deck which provides lift to pull lawn debris up into the spinning blade. Then the partially mulched material is channeled into the rugged steel impeller which further reduces it before passing it in to the collector.

It's not JUST for Leaves!

In spring the DR is great for cleaning up the wind- and storm-borne debris that collects on your lawn. During the summer, it makes a terrific high-capacity bagger that will leave your lawn spotless with very little extra effort on your part. And you can use the utility cart any time of year for hundreds of hauling jobs.