Dr Field And Brush Mower #At45026Ben

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The DR Field and Brush Mower 14.5 PRO 26, featuring a 14.5 horsepower engine and a 26 inch cutting width, offers powerful yet nimble steering so you can complete precise work with all the efficiency of the heftier machines.

Running on a 14.5 horsepower Electric-Start Engine, this mower is easy to rev up and offers efficient powers for even, level cuts all across your lawn. Enjoy quick and agile maneuvering thanks to the specially designed wheels. Each individual wheel has its own disc brake that makes dramatic turns and quick braking simple and seamless. They also offer excellent traction for sloping terrain.

Enjoy the convenience of turn-key electric starting that helps simplify your starts with each use that is easy to access from the operating position.



A tough and rugged powder coats all our frames and decks to help prevent scratching and extend the life of your machine for seasons to come.


The controls on this field and brush mower were designed with ease in mind. Everything you need to access is reachable from your fingertips, so you wont need to walk all the way around the machine to make adjustments.


The blade spindle integrates with the deck housing to help optimize low-vibration performance. Its made of 1.375' thick cast iron and features oversized bearings (double sealed) meant to help you enjoy your machine for years with very little maintenance.


The deck measures 26 inches wide for broad clearing, yet, rather than remaining rigid or fixed, this deck has the flexibility to pivot and adapt to the contours of uneven terrain. This helps improve traction and minimize any scalping.