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Where To Put The Flowers? The Best Ways To Display Plants In The Interior

Where To Put The Flowers? The Best Ways To Display Plants In The Interior

A few years ago, potted plants returned to favor and became an inseparable element of interior design. To many people, an apartment without potted flowers seems cold and unfinished. The choice of plants and flowers is much larger than a few years ago, so it is worth choosing plants that match the space in which they are to be found and our abilities when it comes to caring for greenery. Today we will present you 10 ways to display plants in the interior.


When we think about arranging flowers in the house, windowsills come to mind first. Although our grandmothers probably put their ferns on the windowsills, is this the best place for these flowers? Opinions are divided. The fact is that in new construction, tall windows, reaching the floor, have been the most common design for several years. Then we do not have windowsills, but the apartments seem optically larger and are better lit, which is favorable for potted plants. Also pay attention to the fact that plants standing on the windowsill are sometimes covered with curtains, and in the evening with curtains. So, if you have such window decorations, it is better to display carefully cared for plants elsewhere.

If not on the windowsill, where?

The easiest solution is to place the plants on the floor. Large plants (ficuses, olive trees) can perfectly fill empty spaces, e.g., in the corner of a room. One large plant will be a better choice for people who want to liven up the space but do not want to spend a lot of time at home - watering a few large plants will take less time than caring for several dozen small ones.  Manufacturers more and more often offer us minimalist flower stands so we can use them even in very modern and ascetic interiors. If you choose an interior flowerbed for several flowers, it is worth choosing plants that have similar care requirements. If there are small children or pets in the house, make sure that the easily accessible plants are not poisonous.

The walls

Wall flowerbeds are back in favor, and if you like climbing plants, you should think about a display grid or small transparent hooks. Hanging tubes are also an interesting option - you can put small cut flowers in them or use them for rooting plants. The herb pots can also be hung on a rail above the kitchen counter. Living walls, which can also be found under the name of vertical gardens, are more expensive, but also an effective way to introduce greenery into the interior.


For people who prefer freedom and often change the decorations in the apartment, the best solution will be to place plants on a shelf or chest of drawers. A home bookcase looks lighter when there are also small plants or decorations between the books, and mini-greenhouses and forests in a jar look great on a desk or a large dining table.

No light?

Perhaps you are wondering, is it possible to put potted flowers in a room without a window, e.g., in a dark bathroom? All plants need sunlight, but you don't have to limit yourself to artificial flowers. If you care about living vegetation, you can have two similar or identical plants and change their position every week - move one plant to the bathroom and provide sunlight in the kitchen or bedroom.

What is worth remembering?

Flower stands should be stable, and those wall mounted or hanging - mounted on strong pegs or hooks. You will find a large selection of flowerbeds on the market, but do not forget about simple and cheap metamorphoses with the use of a paint can. In this way, you can quickly renew a flower bed or a plant pot found in an attic or an antique market and adapt them to your interior.

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