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How to choose a sofa for the living room?

How to choose a sofa for the living room?

The sofa in the living room is one of the most important pieces of furniture in the house. It is where we spend a nice time in the company of family and friends, or we relax with a book or in front of the TV screen. So, it must be comfortable, but at the same time it would be good if it was also elegant and matched the interior of our living room. Let's see how to choose a sofa for the living room that meets both criteria.

Choosing a living room - where to start?

The first question to ask is related to the size and shape of the sofa. Many people are very happy to choose corner sofas that give greater comfort of rest and allow for seating more guests. However, choosing a corner is not always a good idea, because in small living rooms, where every centimeter is at a premium, it may overwhelm the interior unnecessarily. In such rooms, it is better to reach for a sofa that has smaller dimensions and will better fit into the overall functional arrangement of the interior.

Therefore, it is worth measuring your interior and making a preliminary simulation of the functional layout, even on paper, and check which sofa will fit best. Only owners of large living rooms can ignore the aspect of dimensions and when choosing a sofa, focus only on its appearance and comfort. The vast majority, however, must check how large the sofa will fit them, so that the living room does not lose its proportions and become inconvenient to use.

Only after such a preliminary analysis of the living room dimensions and the decision on whether it is better to choose a corner or a sofa, you can start looking for a specific model. The choice is huge, so before you go to the store, it is worth determining the style of the sofa that will match your living room and its colors.

The most fashionable sofas for the living room - what are they?

When looking for a sofa in a style that matches your living room, you can decide to follow the current interior design trends and choose a Chesterfield-style sofa, upholstered with turquoise plush. Such a turquoise sofa will perfectly match an art deco interior in its modern version. If you like this style and have elegant golden accessories, this sofa will surely be a great addition to your interior.

If you are closer to modern climates, but not necessarily in the art deco version, you can also choose a turquoise sofa, although in a slightly different stylistic version. It is better to opt for a simpler structure, functional and without unnecessary decorations. Appropriate pillows will be an addition that will make the sofa more elegant and luxurious. As a result, thanks to a modern sofa, the arrangement in the photo below has gained expression, and the turquoise color has significantly added character to this interior. Without such a sofa, the interior would be boring and completely expressionless.


Strong color - is it necessary?

You probably noticed that all the sofa proposals that I am showing you here are sofas in strong colors. This is because now most people choose white and gray as the dominant colors in interiors and a strong color accent is needed to break this monotony a bit. Therefore, a green sofa in the living room, a pink sofa or a dark sofa in the living room will add character to the interior and will positively affect the pleasure of relaxing in a well-designed interior.

You can also consider choosing a patterned sofa, although you should be very careful when choosing this solution. If the rest of the interior is solid colors and not too flashy, a patterned sofa might be a good idea. The question, however, is whether such a pattern will be tiring and whether it will not get boring too quickly, we find ourselves changing patterned sofas more regularly than a sofa in one color. I do not deny that such a patterned sofa can look good, as you can see in the photo below. However, I'm not sure if a single color sofa and patterned cushions would not be a better solution. Pillows are much easier to change than a sofa when we get tired, bored or we change the concept of interior design and colors.


I hope you now know how to choose a sofa for the living room, and you will agree with me that it is a process that requires a combination of elements related to the functionality of the living room, its style, and your color preferences. If you manage to find a sofa that will meet all these requirements, then congratulations! Have any of you already succeeded in this play? Share your pics in the comment.


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